What is the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid or otherwise known in California as MEDI- CAL. In the United States, Medicare and Medi-Cal are government-funded health insurance programs that provide coverage for senior citizens.

Medicare is a federal health care program available to all people at age 65 or older as well as those who meet certain disability requirements. If you have been collecting Social Security payments for 24 months before your birthday (or if you become disabled) then it’s likely that you will be eligible for Medicare Part A upon turning sixty-five years old regardless of any other information about their work history. However, in order to qualify some form of paid employment may need to take place over an individual’s lifetime in addition with meeting this minimum requirement so they can receive full benefits from both parts (A & B).


California Medi-Cal is the state’s Medicaid program. Individuals enrolled in California are eligible for coverage if they meet certain requirements and their income falls below a set limit. Low-income residents under and over 65 years old that have an annual household adjusted gross income at or below 139% median federal poverty level ($1,300 a month). In addition to providing health care benefits throughout the plan’s lifetime, it also pays qualified expenses incurred due to pregnancy or childbirth; organ transplants; diabetic supplies including insulin pump equipment; medications used during chemotherapy treatment.


What does it mean to be “dual eligible” and what is MEDI-MEDI in California?

The term “Dual Eligible” refers to a person who qualifies for Medicare as well as Medicaid. Qualifying requirements vary depending on the individual’s circumstances, but many people are dual eligibles due to their age or disability status. It can also refer specifically to those with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) that has been formally determined by an ESRD specialist not requiring dialysis treatment because of irreversible kidney failure: these individuals qualify for both Medicare coverage and Medi-Medi benefits through SSDI/SSII programs under certain instances*. In addition, some states have created separate state-funded healthcare plans which provide services


A dual special needs plan is a Medicare Advantage plan that is designed to meet the needs of people who are dual-eligible, In other words, people who have both Medicare and Medical. Dual special needs plans are designed for people who have disabilities, chronic health conditions, or major medical issues

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