What is Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?

Have you heard that Medicare has an annual enrollment period? If not, this is your chance to learn more about the program and switch plans! You can enroll in Original Medicare or go with a private plan. It’s also possible to join or drop prescription drug coverage during the Annual Enrollment Period.Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is a time for many to reassess what plan they would like their healthcare coverage and benefits to be. If you’re in Original Medicare, that means switching between plans which have different costs and memberships attached; or if you are enrolled with any of the MA Plans (i.e., private insurance), then it may also involve dropping your current drug-coverage from one plan while enrolling into another without prescription drugs covered included at all! It takes place from October 15 until December 7 so make sure not wait long before making changes because there could be significant increases in benefits after annual enrollment closes out!

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