So You Signed Up For Your Medicare Plan During Open Enrollment What Happens Next

So, you signed up for a Medicare Insurance Plan, and now what? The first thing that will happen is that the insurance company or provider will send you information about your plan. This includes information about how to use it, where to get medical help if needed, and other important details. It’s also a good idea to read through this material before any problems come up so you know what to do in an emergency situation. If something does go wrong with your plan, contact the insurer right away!

Ok, so you did the right thing. You spoke with an agent you signed up for your Medicare Insurance Plan during Open Enrollment. What Happens Now ????

When you met with your or spoke with your agent he/she should of done a needs analysis to determine what is the best plan for your specific needs and to help determine whether you qualify for the benefits you are desire. The needs analysis questionnaire should have asked you questions such as:

● The complete and correct spelling of your legal name

● Confirm your address

● Confirm your Date of Birth

● Determine who your doctors are and make sure you would like to keep them or if you would like to change them

● Make sure you are not receiving any treatments or surgery that may be disrupted by the new insurance

● Determine the medications you are taking

● Verify your Medicare effective dates

● Verify Your Medicare number

● Verify Medicaid number if applicable

● Determine if you have any special conditions such as Cancer, Dialysis

● Determine if you have any special needs

● Determine what you are looking for in a plan

● Determine if you are a Veteran and the type of Veteran Coverage you have

● Determine if you are currently on any Medicare Supplement plan or Medicare Advantage Plan

The purpose of asking all of these questions is so that it paints a clear picture of your current situation and needs. This allows the agents to look for a Medicare Insurance Plan that meets your specific needs and budget. For example, some people like PPO plans, and some people like HMO plans. So it is very important the agent has a complete understanding of who you are and what you need. The whole purpose of Medicare Insurance plans is to get you the highest quality medical services and additional benefits at reduced costs.

Once you have selected a plan you should now receive an informative package from the insurance carrier. In the package, you should have detailed information about the plan and the benefits. Your medical card, prescription card, and additional benefits cards. Contact information to customer service and to the different benefit organizations. You also have access to your agent who is a great resource of support.

Finally, if you have tried your new plan and discover that this plan is not for you and that you may have selected the wrong plan, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid offers you an opportunity to return to your previous plans or change your plans during the time frame of January 1, 2022 – March 31, 2021

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