Medicare Parts in More Detail and What They Mean For You


We know that Medicare has several parts but what does each part cover and what does that mean for you.

PART A – Has several parts that it covers but it is important to point out that if you only have original Medicare, Medicare will only pay for about 80 percent of the cost and you as a patient will be responsible for the other 20 percent of the cost or otherwise known as your share cost. Plus, there will be applicable deductibles, coinsurance copayments for your Medicare covered service.

Part A – INPATIENT CARE: This is care that you will be received once you are admitted to a hospital by a Doctor. You will be covered for 90 days each benefit period. A benefits period starts the day you enter the hospital and ends the day you leave the hospital as an inpatient for 60 days in a row. Once you have paid your deductible, how much is the deductible. Well, you will be responsible to pay $1484.00 for days 1 thru 60 and if for some reason you must stay in the hospital beyond 60 days from days 61-90 you will have to pay $371.00 and $741.00 for any days after (90) Days. I am sure you can now see how things are starting to add up.

Now what happens if you run out of days that means that you are in the hospital for more than 90 days. Medicare will cover up to another 60 days of something they call the lifetime reserve, where you will be responsible for a daily copayment. Now please note once you use your lifetime reserve you no longer have them, so if you get admitted again for another benefit period you only have a total of 90 days in a benefit period for life.

Medicare will stop paying for your inpatient service which are room and board if you run out of days during your benefits period meaning you use all your 90 days in a benefits period. So now you must become eligible for another 90 days again, so what do you have to do. You must leave the hospital for 60 days in row. Once you are out of the inpatient care of the hospital for 60 days consecutively then you can start a new benefit period but now you must pay that deductible again of $1484.00 a day.

You may ask yourself what if I cannot leave the hospital because I must stay to receive my Medical treatment ? there are many options available to you that is why it is important that you speak to a licensed experienced professional. This stuff is really confusing and complicated we will show you all your options and make it clear and simple.

PART A – SKILLED NURSING FACILTY (SNF):If for some reason you are required to enter a SNF, Medicare must cover variety of service such as room, board, administration of medication, wound care, tube feeding, Medicare will cover you for 100 days per benefit periods of course you must qualify for the coverage. You must qualify by having spent 3 days consecutively in a hospital as an inpatient within 30 days of admission to the SNF and need killed nursing or therapy service.

PART A – HOME HEALTH CARE:  Medicare will provide services, ifyou are homebound where you need help from another person or durable medical equipment such as cane, walker, wheelchair to leave your house, or your doctor states that your health or illness could get worse if you leave your house and it is difficult to leave your house and leaving your house is a risk to your health and need skilled care. You are covered for up to 100 days of daily care and an unlimited amount of intermittent care. Ok, how do I qualify? you must have spent at least three consecutive days in the hospital as an inpatient within 14 days of receiving home health services.

PART A – HOSPICE CARE:If your provider declares that you are terminally ill and you have elected to receive hospice, Medicare will cover you as long as you get a certification from your provider declaring you are needing hospice care.


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