Hello, my name is Rolando Arellano and I am the President of AYA and Associates who are the creator of YOURMEDICARE.

I Started as an experienced executive with over 25 years in complex business and legal transactions. While helping my mother, I notice how complex and confusing selecting a Medicare plan can be, with so many choices. I noticed that seniors were being flooded with complex information, commercial, mailers, phone calls and internet ads at an alarming rate and most of them had a difficult time just understand their basic Medicare benefits, not including all the different choices of Medicare insurance plans that vary from state to state, county to county, city to city and not mention all the enrollment regulations among others set in place by the Center for Medicare and Medical.

I realized that many seniors needed assistance and need it now. So, they can get their Medicare Benefits and ensure they are getting the medical services from their providers they require plus all the benefits they are entitles to receive, so they can maintain their health life styles. After all most seniors have worked all their lives and paid, into the Medicare program, with the understanding that when they become 65, they the Social Security Department will live up to its part of the bargain and provide assistance with their medical insurance and expenses.

So, that is how YOURMEDICARE came to existence. Our goal is to take this complex and confusing information and make it clear and simple to understand and streamlining the process so that you can understand: 1) What Medicare covers; 2) What Medicare does not cover; 3) What benefits are available to you that meet your specific need with your doctors; 4) help you get your Medicare benefits quickly. Last, but not least, to make this process clear, simple, and to have a professional resource that is always their to help you with your benefits and answer any questions you may have.

So, if you have any questions about Medicare and Medicare benefits consider us YOURMEDICARE professors we are here to Help.

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Hello, my name is Rolando Arellano and I am the President of AYA and Associates who are the creator of YOURMEDICARE. I am available on: ✆ 1-(559) 343-2333 ✉ Rolando@YourMedicareCovergae.Net

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