Congress is Proposing to Expand Medicare Under the $3.5 Trillion Dollar Budget Plan

 What Does This Mean For Folks Who Are On Medicare

Updated 09/10/2021

• Dental, Vision, and Hearing would be covered through original Medicare
• Medicare eligibility age would be lowered to 60
• No guarantees congress still working out the details

What Does Medicare Expansion Mean to Seniors on Medicare and Senior That are 60 and Over
What does the expansion of Medicare have to do with you? Most older people in the United States join Medicare at age 65 and are subsequently forced to purchase some form of Medicare insurance, usually a Medicare supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan. Dental, vision, and hearing care are the most common gaps covered.

Also, one very important factor is that many older Americans go without insurance from the age of 60 up until they are eligible for Medicare at age 65. Why would anybody do this? The issue is that since medical insurance for older people from age 65 to 60 is quite costly, it has numerous extra fees, such as premiums, deductibles, co-payments, out-of-pocket costs, and lost income. If you ever have a catastrophic medical condition. Seniors face a significant financial burden because of high medical insurance premiums and the fact that they must obtain additional coverage for dental, vision, and hearing. As a result of these high costs, most of our seniors go without medical care until they are eligible for Medicare, and even then, they can’t get the dental, visual, or hearing treatment they require.

There are no promises that Congress will include everything. The opinions of America’s seniors are very strong, and they make themselves heard loudly. Medicare advocates believe that when the American Senior Citizens receive what they have been seeking for a long time, their healthcare benefits will be lowered to age 60 and included in the Bill, these Medicare expansions would be a very significant move towards making sure that seniors are being taken care of and are not left with gaps of coverage that would create burdens for seniors. It’s worth noting, though, that Medicare Advantage doesn’t cover everything. It is necessary to state, nevertheless, that it isn’t sufficient. Let us just hope that Congress steps up and gives the seniors what they need so that they may fill in the gaps in their coverage and receive the care they require to maintain their health for good.

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