Biography of Rolando Arellano


Professional Biography

Rolando Arellano is an established senior Benefits Professional Executive with over 25 years of exceptional professional experience facilitating ideation sessions, analyzing financial/business/benefit processes, and executing for clients. He is the founder and owner of AYA Insurance and Financial Advisors based in Clovis, CA, where his focus is on helping Seniors maintain an understanding of their Medicare and final expense benefits.

He teaches seniors how to protect their retirements and create sustainable income for life while removing the associated risks, he also customizes insurance and financial programs to suit individual customers often covering a variety of risks. As a visionary leader, he is adept with the knowledge of organizational development through visioning, strategic planning, evaluation, monitoring, and trusted advisory support.

In his career years, he served in top leadership positions across prominent organizations in California. Rolando worked with King Sports Worldwide Entertainment at Westwood as a Senior Executive Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs. In this capacity, he worked closely on a daily basis with billionaire, Michael King – the owner of King World Production and developer of the Oprah Winfrey show, among other accomplishments. He assisted many of the talents contracted to King Sports to preserve their earnings with the understanding their carriers are short. He later joined the team at Golden Boy Promotions, Los Angeles. While here, he served as the Executive Vice President of Business Affairs and Business Development Affairs, where he was responsible for monetizing and business development strategies across all companies and their subsidiaries.

Prior to setting up his own consulting business, he served part-time as an Adjunct Professor in the Sports Management Master’s Program at the University of San Francisco. Throughout his years of service, he built an outstanding reputation for himself. As someone with strong work ethics and honesty, he constantly demonstrates persistence and resourcefulness in finding and creating innovative solutions that support and assist the businesses he works with.

Rolando holds a BA degree from California State University and a Post-Doctoral Program of Negotiations at Harvard Law School. He earned his Juris Doctor from The Ventura College of Law. He is also a licensed insurance agent with the State of California. Rolando is multilingual and speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently. Despite his accomplishments and dexterity, he still remains down-to-earth and makes clients’ satisfaction his major priority.